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down on the farm...
May 2014
Calves in the barn

Orphan lambs ? my first!!!

One of Belgian blue twins and her heifer calf

Belted Galloway gives birth assisted by vet Peter

Calf 24 hours later (if only humans could do this!!!)

Aberdeen Angus bull calf in my landrover 24 hours old

Look who is drinking out of cattle water trough!!

The other Belgian Blue twin and her heifer calf

First calf of 2014

 May 2013
room for one more?!
summer on the way
honest, I am only asleep and my eyes are partial shut, the May Bank Holiday sun was that nice!
Scratch the Cat
what's the fuss? I have just been born and finding my feet after 1 hour!
Lola our new puppy -- who mentioned tongues?!
just like our eggs, we come in all colours and sizes
Our eggs

Updated: 01 May 2013
" Table for five ! "
Breakfast for five Angus at the feed trough.
" Anyone know where the grass is ? "
And some sunshine! I'm fed up of this mud!

Updated: 20 July 2012
Some photos of our new Calves...

Updated: 11 FEBRUARY 2011
Wally has now been weaned from mum, Molly - and she is in calf again, due in May!
We also have another 14 cows and heifers due to calf from March onwards!
Donald and Jemima, the pair of Call Ducks, are now well in love - we're just waiting for eggs!

Updated: 15 DECEMBER 2010
Frome Christmas Fatstock Show
Here are some new photos from this year's show.
We won 2nd prize with the Red Hereford....
... And 3rd prize with Rosie Beyonce!

Update: 15 June 2010
Molly's calf was born at 9.45 this morning, and was standing by 10am!
Molly's calf
Molly's calf
Molly's calf
Molly's calf
Molly the Cow
Molly the Cow
 Molly the Cow
Molly the Cow
Molly the Cow
Molly the Cow
The chicks
The Chicks
The chicks are now a month old and are doing well.
We haven't lost any, even with the close attention of Scratch the Cat!

A nest of baby blue tits, which are well protected in a hook up box, hatched on 20 May
The blue tits
The nest of blue tits
Check back for here updates!


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